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Software Engineer & Media Artist

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Ray Marching
Learning Origami


I am a software engineer and media artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. I build custom software that explores topics like computational origami, knot theory, geometry, and folding.

I graduated from the Digital Media Design program at the University of Pennsylvania, an interdisciplinary major that blends computer science and art. I also minored in music. I attended the spring 2015 session of The School for Poetic Computation: an artist run school in NYC that explores the intersections of hardware, code, and poetry. Recently, I finished a 3-year stint as an interactive developer at Obscura Digital in San Francisco and now work as an independent contractor and consultant.

In my free time, I study Hindustani classical music (sitar) with Josh Feinberg, fold origami, study mathematics and geometry, learn languages (currently learning Japanese), and compose electronic music.

This website showcases a few of my personal projects. I also post experiments and works-in-progress on my Instagram account.