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I am a media artist and graphics programmer currently based in Portland, Oregon. I build custom software that explores topics like computational origami, knot theory, geometry, and folding.

I graduated from the Digital Media Design program at the University of Pennsylvania, an interdisciplinary major that blends computer science and art. I also minored in music. I attended the spring 2015 session of The School for Poetic Computation: an artist run school in NYC that explores the intersections of hardware, code, and poetry. Recently, I finished a 3-year stint as an interactive developer at Obscura Digital in San Francisco and now work as an independent contractor and consultant.

In my free time, I study Hindustani classical music (sitar) with Josh Feinberg, fold origami, study mathematics and geometry, learn languages (currently learning Japanese), and compose electronic music.

This website showcases a few of my personal projects. I also post (a ton of) experiments and works-in-progress on my Instagram account.


Michael Walczyk is a software artist and designer. Inspired by topological phenomena - folding, knots, maps, deformations - he creates software programs that investigate dimensionality, permutations, connectedness, and memory. He is particularly interested in the tabular, systematic design language of mathematics and how these forms of representation can be codified and/or repurposed. His work, which is increasingly a collaboration between physical materials and digital simulation, embraces the inherent randomness and error that occur in both virtual and analog domains.